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Our Mission

Teen Court is an alternative program to the juvenile court system that provides graduated sanctions (penalties) for first time juvenile offenders. Sanctions for the youth are determined by a jury of their peers, and imposed based on the severity and circumstances of the offense. It is a “hands-on” educational opportunity to better understand our system of justice for offenders and for youth volunteers.

Eligible offenders are juveniles, ages 11-18 (ages may vary by county), who have committed first-time, misdemeanor offenses such as vandalism, simple affray, shoplifting, and certain school violations.

Students in grades 7-12 are eligible to volunteer with Teen Court. Youth volunteers participate in classes, as well as serve as attorneys, clerks, bailiffs, and jury members as part of the Teen Court process. Students interested in applying for positions with Teen Court can contact their school guidance counselor or school resource officer for an application.

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Teen Court

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