The Filling Station


To assist with filling unmet needs in the areas of Nutrition, Education and Connection serving the residents of Jones County

The Filling Station was started by Pollocksville Presbyterian Church.  Pollocksville Presbyterian – with community partners –  determined to embody the vision of Psalm 107:5 by feeding our brothers and sisters with “bread and water”, and to provide opportunities for fellowship, education, and spiritual nourishment in a safe hospitable environment.

The goal of the Filling Station was solidified in the wake of Hurricane Florence and the devastation that wracked the county. Through this life changing experience the community bonded together to provide for the needs of the people of Jones County by providing services such as:

    Food Pantry
    Referrals and pairing people in need with available services
    Computer Lab
    Tutoring and mentorship
    Promotion of Healthy Living
    Community Garden
    Educational Classes including marriage/family/financial classes

United Way Funded Program

Teaching Kitchen

Contact The Filling Station

221 Main Street
Pollocksville, NC  28573