It is in times of need that we discover the full impact of a community United. As Hurricane Florence came ashore last week causing catastrophic damage to homes and communities across Eastern NC—producing over 25 inches of rain in some areas—United Way of Coastal Carolina will be here helping families face devastating losses from the historic flooding with an eye toward long-term recovery in the coming months and years.

The most destructive of its kind to affect communities across all of our service area, including Carteret, Craven, Jones and Pamlico Counties since Hurricane Hazel in 1954, Hurricane Florence has left a wake of destruction in its path—but there is hope. From the flooding caused from Hurricane Floyd in 1999 to Hurricane Matthew that affected our region in 2016, United Way of Coastal Carolina has a history of coordinating community responses to help those affected in times like these. Whether by raising funds to aid in relief efforts, engaging community leaders or mobilizing partners to help with on-the-ground long-term recovery, United Way offers hope and help when it is most needed.

To Donate to the United Way of Coastal Carolina Hurricane Florence Recovery Fund click HERE

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HURRICANE FLORENCE GALLERY: Photos from Carteret, Craven, Jones and Pamlico Counties