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United Way is dedicated to the achievement of measurable results and community-level change.  Those aren’t just words, but it’s our commitment —our promise— to you. It’s how we ask you to measure our work. Are we making a difference? Are we impacting our community?

We understand you expect your charitable dollars to work hard. We do too. That’s why we’re so proud to share with you how your dollars are invested to make a difference. United Way of Coastal Carolina's work centers on two distinct, but equally important, strategic goals:

  1. Helping People in Need Right Now through a commitment to supporting 23 essential local programs. Need has no sense of time or place. It comes in the middle of the night or at work and it is also something with deeper roots that affects generations. Reaching out to people who have immediate, basic needs—like a homeless family needing a meal—is vital. We will never walk away from that responsibility. Supporting programs that work within critical areas — Nurturing Children, Strengthening Families, Improving Health, Guiding Youth and Helping in Times of Crisis—is the foundation for a caring community.

  2. Helping to Eliminate Future Needs through a commitment to addressing the underlying causes of critical problems.  For instance, what are the root causes that leave a family homeless? We are committed to investing more time and resources on these bigger challenges. United Way’s community priorities cover key areas that we believe can most significantly change our community long term.

Improving these issues positively impacts all of us. 

A gift to United Way is truly an investment.  We work, on your behalf, with hundreds of partners to deliver results.  Measurable results.  With your continued support, we do what no single donor or agency can do alone.

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