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Campaign Coordinator Toolkit
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2013 Employee Campaign Coordinator Tookit

The Links on this page lead to everything you will need for a successful

United Way Campaign at your workplace

Employee Campaign Manager Guide
   Entire Guide

   10Steps Guide

Individual Parts of the Guide
   Letter from the Campaign Chair
   What Does United Way Do? 
   Your Role as an Employee Campaign Manager
   10 Steps to a Successful Campaign
   Setting Your Campaign Goals
   Group Meetings
   Best Practices
   Ways to Enhance Your Campaign
   Creative Campaign Ideas
   Campaign Checklist
   Community Partners

   Fair Share Table

Brochures and Posters
   Brochure (English)
   Give Poster (English)
   Thank you Poster (English)

   Goal Thermometer Poster
Pledge Forms
   Campaign Pledge Form (English)
   Corporate Pledge Form

   Credit Card Authorization Form

Reporting your Results

   Win a 2014 Toyota Corolla!

   Campaign Report Envelope

   Report Summary

   Leadership Report Summary

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